Fulbright Scholarship, one of the most prestigious scholarships in calling in application from young Emirati professionals and students who are keen on pursuing education in US for 2018-2019. Funded by the US Department of State and managed by Amideast UAE, this scholarship funds the book allowances, maintenance allowance, health and accident coverage plan along with tuition and other required fees of selected applicants.

Country director, Amideast, Rula M. Dajani, said, “This scholarship is a prestigious one but also offers the perfect package to applicants wanting pursue their masters in US.”

The scholarship allows the applicant to study a subject of their interest in any of its 50 states. She added, “We also offer support in the University selection procedure, if needed.”

The prerequisite to avail this scholarship is that the applicant has to be an Emirati, with a bachelor degree, with a certain degree of ambition and leadership quality.

“We are looking for students who have leadership quality and can make a difference to the society when then they come back to their country,” she said.

The main highlight of this prestigious US scholarship is, not only does it offer education of high quality but also opens up a wide alumni network for the students to benefit from.

According to her 11 Fulbright scholars have won the Nobel Prize, 82 the Pulitzer prizes and 29 have served as their state heads, ever since this scholarship programme has been initiated in 1946. Dajani added, “The students need not worry about pursuing higher education in the US. The applicants will have our complete support in the US.”

According to her UAE shares an outstanding relationship with the US. She said, “The number of students pursuing education in the States is increasing year by year. It speaks of the outstanding relation that the two country shares.”

Those interested, can apply for a subject of their choice on Amideast website, until June 6.