1. A teacher must essentially have approval to teach from KHDA – this can be acquired by submitting the acceptable paperwork regarding police clearance and/or conduct certificate through the regional education body from their home country.
2. Aligning the requirement of the approval to teach with the Provisional Teachers’ License (PTL), which allows those with approvals to teach to embark on the process of licensing through their school.

3. Once a teacher is nominated for PTL, the process begins.

4. Once a teacher gets the PTL they are given 12-15 months to complete the Competent Teacher Status by doing a mini portfolio, a reflective report and pass the four exams. If they pass the first two exams within the first 12 months, they will be given an extension of six months to pass the remaining two exams. But if they don’t pass any exam in the first year, their PTL will be withdrawn and the teacher will be required to try again. Teachers get a maximum of three trials.

5. It is best advised to book the first exam within the first nine months of getting the PTL so that there is sufficient time for resits.

6. Not all teachers need to get PTL in the first year. Only those who are going to be put up for licensing need it.

7. In year one 20-25 per cent of teachers within a school are expected to be nominated for licensing to enable the school to get enough time to reach 100 per cent.
8. New schools will be given grace time to embark on the process and come in alignment with existing education bodies.