There is a great deal of research to show that children who have a strong foundation in their mother tongue enjoy an enhanced sense of self-worth and identity. As an international British curriculum school and a community of over 90 nationalities, Raffles International School (RIS) is truly international in that majority of their students speak a language other than English as their first language. They value the diversity of the school community and understand the importance of supporting language learning both inside and outside the classroom. Recognising the significance ofthe mother tongue in the acquisition of a foreign language, the RIS mother tongue programmeoffers a way of further progressing students’ language development. Mother tongue language classes are open to native or near native speaking students at every level, from Nursery throughYear 11. Small group lessons enable teachers to personalise the learning and provide studentswith individual attention and support. Lessons are offered during school hours by qualifiedand experienced native speakers in multiple languages (such as French, Spanish, Russian, Germanand Hindi). Care is taken to follow its national curriculum to develop students’ academic knowledge.

Classes are available according to the size of the group and are run by parents with consistent support by the school.The mother tongue programme at RIS is developing with additional language programmes being added every academic year. The endeavour is to support not only new language

learning but also the opportunity for students to maintain fluency in their mother tongues.Over 1,600 Innoventures Education students have the opportunity to learn their mother tongue across the four schools of the group. The mother tongue programme is an essential component of holistic education and14 different languages are offered across the schools as part of the programme.