Education Malaysia, Dubai, is a regional body under the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, which was set up to promote Malaysian Education in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia as well as the Indian Subcontinent region. It started operations in April 2004. The centre in Dubai provides free services to students and parents in helping them to decide a career pathway of their choice.

Malaysia has 21 state universities, more that 480 private institutions, many of which are branch campuses of international institutions such as Monash & Swinburne Universities from Australia and the Nottingham & Heriot Watt Universities to name a few. As per Education Malaysia, the Consulate’s Education wing in the UAE, by mid-2017, there were 170,000 international students. Of these, above 53,000 were from MENA. There are also 212 Emirati students studying in Malaysia.

The affordable cost of quality tertiary education is one of the many good reasons why international students choose Malaysia as their destination to pursue their studies. For example, you can acquire a UK engineering degree (4 years) in Malaysia through a franchised degree programme at an estimated RM100,000 ($25,000).

For UAE students, the major draw for the Malaysian education system are the relatively low fees, a common religion, an easily adaptable environment for students, plus quality of education and the availability of courses in engineering, medicine, health sciences, IT, business, Islamic banking & finance and psychology, all relevant to the UAE.