If you are contemplating to study abroad then Education Now brings to a number of interesting career options to pursue, which are far from conventional. So, if the deadly routine of 9-5 jobs doesn’t appeal to you then these are options that you can check, for they not only promise to break the monotony, but also promise big fat pay cheques at the end of the month.


If you love playing online games and dream of designing a game on your own or earn a living by creating video games, then a career in Video Game Designing could be your dream job. An increasing number of American Colleges are creating a course module pertaining to his offbeat career option.

What: For, a starter Game Design is nothing but creating the right interface, characters, rules and plot of a videogame. The correct application of computer programming, creative writing, and graphic design, is a must for it. To be a competent game designer, you really need to good in math, art and creative writing, a deadly combination, right?

How: If you are seeking admission for an undergraduate course in Game Designing in the US, then you need to have science your Grade 12. You should have above average score in you boards. Coming to your SAT score, most colleges offering this course look for an average rating which is 2/3 of the total SAT score (1600-2400).

Where: Some of the Universities, that offer this course are – Camden County College, New Jearsey, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

Moolah Matters: As a fresher, you could start with an annual salary of $58,000, which can go up to about $99,000


If you want a really high paying job then Aerospace engineering has a great potential. Interestingly, unlike other course, you don’t really need to earn a bachelors degree to get a job in this industry. Equipped with an associate degree in the subject is just good enough to start your career. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for avionic technicians is really high, both for civil and military aviation sector.

What: A degree in avionics or aviation technology, is a study that teaches you skills that help you repair navigation and communication system, digital audio systems, aircraft autopilot systems and more. An American degree helps you bag a Federal Communication License for being an operator the general radio-telephone.

How: To get enrolled for a course in avionics, you need to be science student in your Grade 12. You should have above average score in you boards. Coming to your SAT score, most colleges offering this course look for an average rating average rating which is 2/3 of the total SAT score (1600-2400).. Additionally, in this case you need to have a minimum score of 500 for TOEFL.

Where: Arizona State University, Bowling Green State University, Bridgewater State College, Delaware State University, Florida State College, San Jose State University, Ohio State University and Texas State Technical College

Moolah Matters: As an avionic expert you could earn $80,000 annually.


If you are a Science student in you 12th grade, with a keen interest in human anatomy then is another career option for you, if becoming a regular doctor doesn’t appeal to you. As a Funeral Science expert you can definitely make a great career.

What: A career in funeral science is definitely rewarding one. However, it requires a great deal of commitment and has great deal of responsibility. A funeral science expert is expected to direct the funeral of a person, right from embalming to counselling to comforting people, to getting death certificates to organising the burial and more. This career option at the moment has a great employment rate.

Where: You can earn you bachelors in Funeral Science from Bishop State Community College in Alabama, American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service Education and University of Minnesota to name a few. For international students seeking admission in this, your SAT score needs to be on the higher end, however, none of the mentioned colleges, have a specific cut off for SAT score.

Moolah Matters: As a Funeral Service expert, you could earn anything between $51,600 to $95000 annually.


Again, if you are interested in the healthcare industry, but you don’t want to be a doctor, then you can definitely opt for a career as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Undergraduate courses in Nuclear Medicine Technology are offered by most of the community colleges and university.

What: To be a Nuclear medicine technologist (NMT), you need to have a bachelor’s or associate degree in nuclear medicine. As an NMT you are expected to operate gadgets and prepare patients for radioactive imaging for complex ailments.

Where: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University of Vermont, Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, University of Kansas Medical Center, Bellevue College                Bellevue, Hillsborough Community College are a few that offer this course. For admission to an undergraduate programme you need a SAT score of 1000 (Mathematics and Critical Reading) and CGPA of 3.2.

Moolah Matters: You can earn anything between $74,990 to $100,080 annually as an NMT