Technology has revolutionised the way students can catch up with their subjects. While traditional classes were the norm, online sessions have created a new level of convenience. From flexible one-on-one sessions to the freedom to choose instructors, knowledge enhancement services are now simply a few clicks away.

1. Study from the comfort of home. Forget driving or running for the metro; after school help online eliminates the added stress of traveling to and from classes, while lugging around those heavy textbooks. Not only does it save time otherwise spent stuck in traffic but it also cuts transportation costs.

2. Parents can be more involved. Compared to conventional classes, parents can interact directly with instructors and bring up any concerns. And, depending on the student’s proficiency, parents can also choose how many classes they require.

3. Flexible schedules. Online sessions work around the student’s busy life. Handy apps like WhatsApp allow them to receive reminders, while websites like Twiddla (an online whiteboard) make it easier to learn in a virtual classroom setting. Classes are also recordable – a handy feature that helps students in their revision.

4. Summer sessions. School might be out soon but that doesn’t mean that students can’t stay on top of their studies. Classes can be booked around events and even family holidays, ensuring that students are well-prepared and feeling confident for the academic year ahead.

5. Money matters. In addition to being budget-friendly, online classes add another level of convenience: online payments. Gone are the days of making trips to the bank since payments can be quickly and easily processed online.

6. Qualified instructors. Prior to online classes, students were limited to a pool of local teachers. Now, that pool has widened to include instructors around the world. Students and their parents can now choose instructors by subject and by expertise. In addition to customised study plans, parents can rest assured that students are getting the best service to help them excel academically.

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