New York City takes a firm stand to protect students enrolled in Public Schools after immigration agents enters a city school seeking information

Department of Education, New York City, has taken a decision to bar federal immigration agent from visiting school properties in the city. The move came after a few agents working for the US Citizen and Immigration service entered Public School 58 seeking information about a fourth grader enrolled in it.

Post election of US President Donald Trump, there seems to be an increasing anxiety growing in immigrants living the US. Trump has during his election campaign had specifically stressed on building a wall on the US-Mexico Border. He has even promised to deport illegal migrants.

The fear got further escalated when a man was sent back to Mexico in February, by the US authorities. The man had been living America, since he was nine.

Understanding the looming sense of insecurity of the immigrants, Carmen Farina, the Chancellor of New York City Schools, visited the school to reassure the students and their parent about their safety and that no information pertaining to school students would be shared with the federal government.

In a video circulated by City Hall on various social media, Farina declared, “In our schools, we protect our students. I want to reassure the parents of our school students that we will not be sharing any information with any federal agent. Our school is our family.” She stressed, that Immigration agents would be barred from entering the school premise. She said, that they would be “kept out on the sidewalks”.

Reassuring parents was New York’s immigrant affairs commissioner, Nisha Agarwal. She chose the occasion to make parents remember once again that public schools enrol students, irrespective of the fact, whether they are living the US legally or illegally.

According to Toya Holness, the spokesperson of Department of Education, this was the first time for immigration agents to enter a public school seeking information about a student.

The email statement issued by Katie Tichacek, the official spokesperson of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, maintained that the agents had not met or talked to unidentified student. She maintained that the agents were there just to get the details of a student, so that she could avail some immigration benefits. The email statement further read, “School visits are not routine task of agents but then they are neither unprecedented.”

In April, when a federal judge, over ruled President Trump’s order to withhold funds for illegal immigrants, then Trump vowed to appeal it again with Supreme Court of US.